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We're building an international tech non-profit for open data for getting around without driving.

MobilityData, GTFS spec, open source tools.

Tucson Food Share

Landed in community at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tucson Food Share.

Panoramic desert rainbow as seen from camper.


Travelled the US in my hybrid SUV.



I was an early employee of an international intercity bus search engine. Expanded coverage across Europe. Then we scaled up our Product approach with product management software, user testing, Agile, and multivariate testing. Features I "owned" have been used by hundreds of millions of travelers.


Mobility 4 All

I served on the board at an early stage of a startup combining the ease of use of app-based taxis (Uber/Lyft) with the wide variety needs of people who use paratransit.

Mobility 4 All.

Impact HUB MSP

Impact HUB in Minneapolis hosted me as the first resident member where I got to be involved in building a mission-driven community.

Open Twin Cities

I participated in the local open data initiative in Minneapolis - Saint Paul.

Milwaukee Data Initiative

I was active in the Milwaukee Data Initiative and helped run a hackathon leveraging open data, supported by Code for America.

Say Yes to the VRF

Campaign to maintain service levels and for a dedicated funding source for transit in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Transit Riders Union.

Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin vs. WisDOT

At Milwaukee Transit Riders Union we supported a lawsuit against discriminatory highway expansion. The ACLU helped secure a victory: raising awareness and funding new bus lines for years to come.



OpenGo was a business plan submitted to the Social Impact Award competition at Impact Hub Vienna. The model was to build a freemium service creating open transportation data for long distance services, inspired by Linux Ubuntu.

Participatory Planning through Open Data and Civic Tech

Web tutorial for transit advocacy orgs on using open data and open source software to enhance participation in planning.

Thesis cover

Cooperative Housing in the Financial Crisis

Paper investigating cooperatives in the interrelated 2008 financial and housing crises in Western Europe and North America. Certain types of housing coops and credit unions are found to provide stability in affordable housing.

Full thesis.

Community Development: Analysis and Action Plan

Project documenting the status quo and suggesting adding less-rigid instruments of public engagement and short term realization for improving the local planning culture in Mass Housing Project "Petržalka" in southwest Bratislava.

Independent study, Erasmus Program at STU BA in cooperation with Brno UT.

Participatory Planning Concept: Color Theory

A concept looking into chaotic post-centralized-planning paint schemes on housing blocks and their effects on perception of residents.

A concept incorporating color theory and participatory planning concepts, allowing for residents on the block, building, and household levels to fulfill their preferences while reestablishing visual order, despite variations in ownership models.


Resistance to Residential Displacement of the Disadvantaged in Istanbul

A look into the historic build up to the current residential displacement processes in Istanbul, government actions, and the growing community organizing and popular resistance movements. Several local organizations were interviewed for this paper.

International Regional Development: Slovak Danube Area

Study of EU regional development policy using examples form along the Danube in Slovakia. Overview of projects, mechanisms and areas of involvement, with examples.

Leben aus der Tonne

Bavarian public radio interviewed my roommate Julia and me about why we dumpster dive for food.

Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan: Vienna Airport Region

Analyses, goals, and suggested action plan for collaborative development and planning of a region covering several administrative areas on two levels of government.


Bus Network Redesign: Vienna Airport Region

An economic, short-term integrated transportation concept. The intention is to make the bus attractive for those regional residents who are poorly served by rail service. The Airport was seeking suggestions to combat parking, traffic and environmental issues in the region. The service would include improved branding, better passenger info, and offer half-hourly service in both directions around a loop - requiring five vehicles and drivers.


We built up a volunteer, consensus-based food coop buying directly from farmers in Vienna and Lower Austria.


Urban design concept for development of a rare remaining industrial space in the urban district of Brigittenau in Vienna. The goal was to create usable public space that connected with adjacent neighborhoods while meeting housing density requirements, as well fostering mixed-use in appropriate areas and phases of the project. Ground-floor use, greenery, transportation and parking concepts as well as an implementation plan are included.