Hello! I’m Carl πŸ‘‹

I work in product management making mass transit easier to find online.

Currently: leading transit at
MobilityData. πŸšβ€ˆπŸ¦½β€ˆπŸš²β€ˆπŸš‘β€ˆπŸ›Ί β€ˆπŸš… β€ˆπŸšŒ β€ˆπŸšˆ β€ˆπŸš‡ β€ˆπŸš β€ˆπŸš β€ˆπŸšž β€ˆπŸšŽ ➑ πŸ—ƒοΈ πŸ”’ ➑ πŸ“±

Observer of modernism.

Unwitting travel hacker.

I like to hike.

Check out some stuff I've done! πŸ‘‡